KinderOptics was started by me! My name is Suzy and I am a Licensed Optician and a Mom.  I have been a Licensed Optican for over 20 + years.  Too many times over the years I have seen frustrated parents struggle to find eyewear and products and help for their children.  Unfortunately, at most opticals there are very few products for children and no one wants or cares to help.  Also, a lot of time parents are not being helped by an actual Licensed Optician so the employee does not have the knowledge or experience to help.  So, out of seeing this need, a love for what I do, a love of helping people, a love of working with children, and a love of a challenge KinderOptics was born.


As both a Licensed Optician and a Mom I pick or make products that are of best quality, comfortable, fun and that your child will want to wear, but also affordable.  New products will be added often so please check back often.  If you don't see what you re looking for or need help or advice please contact me. 


My beautiful daughter helps with KinderOptics as well.  She wants to become an Optometrist and she is a big help in helping me choose products and materials and prints for my KinderPatches.  She helps with packaging and shipping as well.  I am very proud KinderOptics has become a Mom and Daughter business.


Please give KinderOptics the opportunity to provide outstanding products and customer service for your child's eyewear needs.


Suzy, Licensed Optician and Mom

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